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Originally Posted by raknefne View Post
Ingeneers: I increased the short range shooting by 15%. I think there are different oppinions if they are too weak now. They still summons. Alternatively the blind potion could be a slow reload? Or summon could be a reload like Royal Thorn but a little slower.
How about reload 3 or 4 and reduce blind chance effectiveness to 75-85%? I think the summons are allright. It's already quite powerful by that side, keep in mind he can also repair (=resurrect) the robots. Two times.

Let me hear from others about Slow, Fear and Ingeneers (in Trent).
Of course.

Originally Posted by raknefne View Post
it is the same skill from vanilla. I can't remember, but haven't touched anything about the stats etc. - in vanilla you got it from killing 20 of a certain kind of troop from one of the first houses on the starting island.
In respond to myself: yes, it protects against everyone.

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