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Avenging Angel: I just did some math. It will be overpowered in 1.21 with 8 rounds. At level 3 it does 245-410 damage, which is 343 damage in average. Multiplied by 6 it is around 2k damage! (often all the charges with Avenging Angel is not used, therefore I used 6 and not 8 in the math)... Sounds like vanilla rounds like 4,5,6 is better then 5,6,8...

Ingeneer: I remember you, Sirlancelot, suggested a lower chance like 50% for blindness, I just couldn't do it in the code. This was easier. That's why I didn't change the chance of blindness but instead reduced it to just 1 bottle.

Skill from Sprudne Island: I didn't change anything, due to out of time... but could easily be increased in strength - I mean the 3 different skills you get depending on the hero class. Trent is hard in itself, so it won't inbalance things.
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