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Originally Posted by stugumby View Post
once you get installed make sure you open the fmb tab and open the cinfigure control keys tab, check your stuff i had to slect insert to allow insertion of objects etc. Also i saw the exe folder and the 512 exe, i tried sending it to desktop and it wont work, regular exe from root directory does, how to i set myself up to run ram at 512?
about FMB will ansver little later ...

about 512 and 1024 exe - to use that exe with more memory for Java you need back up exe from root dirrectory ( for any cases) copy exe 512 or 1024 to root, replace default exe to new from 512 or 1024 ... ( but i must a notice 1024 working not on every system ... for example in time of betatest 90 percent of testers have no issue with 512 and 1024 exe ... but on my work station i cant run il2 with 1024 exe ... some issue with windows i suppose .. or java)
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