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Oh dear, Freak Of Nature had a LOT of time to think it tgrough... No wonder ;D

As for me, everything starts with the release itself. I wonder, wether there be a Lithuanian translation. Hard Truck 2 had such an awesome translation, I would love to have this one translated too. Normally I'm not a big fan of translations... But Hard Truck 2 was something special . Unfortunatelly, I doubt this is going to happen again. Then I wonder, who will publish it in Lithuania, and what's going to be the price. Also, if the won't be translated, I hope it'll be in English (I won't play Russian version ;[ ).

And if everything goes to plan, I can imagine holding CD (or maybe CDs?) of the game in my hands. Well, installation, launch. Of cource, I'll watch all the videos for first (few) times. In menu, first place to visit - options. First I'll look at the graphic, audio settings. Then go over to controls - see all available actions, and try to memorize things. Maybe adjust something.

And then, I'll go straight for career. Probably medium level. If there's going to be arcade/simulation slider like in Hard Truck 2, gonna make maximum simulation. If there's going to be traffic density slider, I'll make something like 3/4, 4/5, or maybe maximum density (like those cars ). Launch the game, and see where it takes me. Well, I'll probably have visit to San Francisco as a top priority - Midown Madness 2 had quite an acurate copy of it, and I love to compare it with other sources

As for comuter specs, I should do fine. Mine is ~4 years old, but the game probably will be as old as my PC
CPU: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz (not only really good heater, but does its calculation job too ).
GPU: nVidia GeForce 6600 256MB.
RAM: 1GB (should increase it anyway, firefox is very demanding, and stuff).

What about the others? Ubaku?
PS. I'm still waiting for international release date :}
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