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Originally Posted by akaFr0sT View Post
too bad i ain't jokin'.i am absolutely sure this game is just another 18 Wheels of Steel/americanish truck driving game
Have you read any of the topics, concerning news about the game? Did you knew, there is going to be storyline in the game to start with? Have you seen driver hiring, different race types? From what I see, it's going to be different from 18 WoS, that I haven't played, but have seen enough video/other stuff, to have some certain impression. Correct me, if I'm wrong.

Oh, and another thing... Have you played "King of the Road" (Hard Truck 2)?

To me, your comments do look funny. I can't understand people complaining about the game, visiting forum to keep complaining about something, that they haven't seen yet, explaining how they're not going to play it, or how they're going to dislike it after playing . I mean, really...
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