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Post I Think We Get It.

OK, I think by now I, and the many on this forum get the point of your complaints, and dissatisfaction with the game. Some of you are just on the ban wagon repeating the same thing multiple times, and creating multiple threads. Almost all the complaints have been heard, and for the most part addressed by myself, and others. Use the search engine. If your topic has been covered, then go there, and report it. If it has not, then feel free to create a thread, and write your opinion, or complaint. This board/forum is loaded with multiple & duplicate topics/threads/postings repeating the same old thing by the same individuals. We get it!

Unless I'm directed otherwise, I will delete, or relocate these continuous repetitive complaints addressing the same topic by the same individuals. Most, if not all of these complaints are valid ones, but how many times are they going to be addressed? A small portion of you are just plain cynical, and have nothing better to do then to rip apart this game without even giving it a chance, and playing it for just a little while, and discovering some of it's good points. This game is not that bad. I have seen much worse, and yes, much better, but stop beating a dead horse!
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