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And I totally disagree. Everyone who has a problem should raise their voice otherwise it will look as if the problem only affected one or two users. This doesn't neccesserily mean open a new topic for the same error mutliple times but at least post a comment in the existing topic saying that yes I had the same problem. Otherwise the bug will go to the bottom of the developers todo list, since they'll see (if they even look at the forum) that only one or two users complained about this, then its not so important to fix.

This board/forum is loaded with multiple & duplicate topics/threads/postings repeating the same old thing.
Its like blaming the cow for giving milk. We don't complain because we like to complain, we complain because we feel ripped off by the developers. And there is no other way to express our dissatisfaction than posting on the boards, and hope that if enought complaints reach the developers they'll try and do something, or at least give a signal that yes we're working on that particular problem, be patient.

Imagine yourself in our place: You go to a shop, buy something and it doesn't work, you take it back to the shop, only to be kicked out by the owner because you're the fivehundredth customer who brought back the same malfunctioning product. Would you give a damn that you're the nth? No, you wouldn't care, because in the end all you're concerned with is that you paid for something and you didn't get what you expected.
Being the 500th to expereince the same problem doesn't make any difference from the users point of view.

If you don't like it, then don't play it!
That's only valid if you got the game for free, but since most people paid for it, the least they could expect is to be able to play the game without constantly bumping into walls.

Try to feel the game and try to have fun with it as I do, and you'll realize that the bugs are silly things that won't take your fun away.
I can't imagine anything more exasperating than having to go back hours or days in the game because of some "silly bug", that would have only taken a few hours to fix. Of course, uncovering the bugs needs months of through testing. But as I've already pointed out they could have had thousands of volunteers for free.

And please don't threat the developers as saviors just because they are (supposedly?) working on a patch, obviously the time they had was more than enough, so after 10 years of doing almost nothing its time to earn their paychecks.

And for the last time noone says that the game in itself is bad. But its unfinished and buggy. Yes its a much better than any of the 18WOS series, but that doesn't compensate for being a buggy piece of you know what.

they help me to enjoy this game more

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