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The following tips are from my experience of private pilot in real world, and you can expect to use then in IL-2 game:
Originally Posted by David603 View Post
Just to list a couple of things that affect changing trim as you land,

Speed: As you slow down, the planes trim shifts forward, making the plane nose heavy.
the total trim amount necessary to keep a straight flight reduces as the speed increases.

Originally Posted by David603 View Post
Power: The prop on a Merlin powered plane such as the Mustang or Spitfire rotates to the right, which makes the plane rotate slightly to the left. As you throttle down the amount of rotation to the left reduces, so if the plane is trimmed to fly straight at full throttle it will start rotating right as the power is reduced.
the prop blade descending generates more thrust than the prop blade that is climbing. If your propeller has a clockwise rotation (inside the cockpit, behind the propeller), the torque effect of the blade will generate more lift in the right side of the propeller, generating a yaw momentum to the left.

In take-off and landing procedures, don't focus too much in trimming (only use it to keep the climb attitude and the cruise attitude). In descend for land, try to keep constant speed and vertical path to not come too hot (high speed) and too high in the approach. If you are too hot and too high, go around and proceed to another approach.
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