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Default [GUIDE] How to update the game to 2.2.3 when the updater doesn't work

After hours I was able to find a much more easier solution:
Install the game
Download the German patch:
Make a backup of "data/fonts", "data/lang"
Install the German patch
Put back the backup files so the game is in English again.


(remember to set the compatibility mode to xp sp3)

So, the game should be patched up even if it's say "2.2.2"
I'm gonna update in a few days (3rd mission crash)

2nd method:

1) Go here,, and download the patch
2) Download uniextract,, install it and the run it, choose the file "xiii.bloodofeurope.patch.2.2.3.exe" and select not an installshield installer:

3) After the extraction just copy the files from "xiii.bloodofeurope.patch.2.2.3\{app}" to the root of the game, say yes when prompted to overwrite.
4) Done:

the 2nd method may be the only method that actually works. Also, I had two problem with the game:
1) No music ingame: You need to disable the videos from the startup ("data/video" change the extension to avi2 or whatever you want)
2) The game keep asking me the configuration: Set the compatibility mode to XP SP3.

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