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Originally Posted by dimlee View Post
As I remember, since 1943 N/L/S/B/DBAP ceased to exist and were replaced by BAP and ShAP.
DBAP (long range) and NBAP (night) were not affected. Otherwise, everything is correct.

There were also a specialized escadrillas (a unit, smaller, then regiment), which wouldn't have sence to be large in size. They were designated as "otdelnaya" (separate). Usually those were reconassance ones.

The smallest unit size was Zveno (element), consisting of 3, later 4 planes.
Several element would make an Escadrilla, usually having 12 planes.
Depending on aircraft size and purpose from 4 to 6 Escadrillas wouls form a Regiment (Polk). After the beginning of war, by the end of 1941 summer, regiment size was reduced to 2 escadrillas, in 1943 - increased to 3.
From 2 to 4 regiments would form a Division. 2 Divisions would form a Corps.
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