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Originally Posted by onepiece View Post
I also like the changes but the fact that I spent like 50-70 hrs on TL and like 40-50 on AP isn't that appealing to repeat the AP part since is way to similar.

TRUE it adds much but still the first part doesn't excite me the way AP did with all the great changes and quick start speed compared to TL (which is slow at the beginning). And still...why couldn't they do some new models for the new units instead of just re-colors?

Although much of my bickering could be because I've had too many things to do when I tried to play CW and it didn't hit me in the same way as TL and AP did (playing like a demented religious fanatic-like everyday XD) so now I have some troubles trying to play again

Still, is it my idea or Katauri should bring some news about new KB content since they always do that 4 months since their last game?
That's why I try to find the most ridiculous combinations in the game to make them work.

I wouldn't really want to play "yet another" game of KB:Armored Princess if I didn't have some nifty edge to make it fun.

I've played quite a few hours on King's Bounty Armored Princess, so I really hate the "usual" stuff.

Although, I've started to distill most strategies to just a handful of general stratagems.
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