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Hello Pilots,

TD, Great work as usual, fire looks great. Two things I noticed, off line, the A.I. still all attack me, lead planes from all the flights.
And Online, I have been kicked to desk top twice in the last few weeks, not really a major issue, today I was landing and discoing anyways. I had a great ping for that server, -100, usually it's just at max, 270+, server has not warned me yet. like the other Russian server does, nag nag nag...repeating three times
Music was shot down by Blank
Blank shot down Music
and something else.

yeah server tell the whole world Blank shot me down

Some guys have a ping of 3 on this server, most are under 50, So even that 90 I was riding was a high ping.

I just don't want it to happen when someone is firing at me.

As Always great work, it's very immersive, looked at the B-24 while waiting for map to roll, nice, too nice.

Chow Happy Hunting & play nice

P.s. you know what would be nice, a Russian to English to Russian translator, even just the basics, kind of like offLine commands, break, 6up ect... But a full translator would be nice.
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