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What version of iI2 are you using? 4.12 broke the stationary plane markings, 4.12.1 or newer fixes it. The Dutch East Indies used the Cyclone engine Hawk (A-4 in il2) , engine was larger diameter but thinner than the twin wasp engine (A-3 in il2).

If you have 4.12.1 or newer try this


standard 4.13.4
171_Static vehicles.planes.Plane$P_36A3 1 75491.73 54685.97 289.92 0.0 du

my modded version
171_Static vehicles.planes.Plane$H_75A4 1 75491.73 54685.97 289.92 0.0 du 1 1.0 null 1

just search SingaporeRed.mis and change all the planes.Plane$H_75* or P_36* to have 1 1.0 null 1 at the end. This should force Dutch markings. dutch=du
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