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I still think the biggest issues with IL-2, especially for players who recently discovered it or are buying it for nostalgia sake, the current (post 4.11) AI are really terrible compared to previous versions.

If you are being chased by the AI (Assuming they didnt snipe you with a 500m deflection shot) you just have to fly low. The AI wont go low enough to hit you and will just roll around until they "give up" or crash. This is unacceptable and makes campaigns really boring compared to before.

Another thing which is unacceptable and should be fixed before adding ANY new content: Campaigns and careers. why on earth hasnt the official DGen been replaced even by Starshoy's (the man who originally developed DGen) later versions? Why havent campaigns been updated to support new Aircraft, ground units and maps? If the theaters, units and planes are present, why not improve at least the careers? The resources are all there, and new players as well as old should not have to rely purely on community expansions to bring these aspects up to par with the rest of the game.
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