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Originally Posted by gaunt1 View Post
Which AI skill level? I know for sure rookie AI do not do it.

There is also something that direly needs to be fixed btw. AI gunner accuracy. Even on average, they begin firing at around 7-800m with deadly precision. I exclusively use rookie AI for this reason, but I feel that the gunners, while they open fire less regularly, are still too accurate, and begin firing at very long ranges.
No idea about skill level. My favourite pastime on online servers is bomber interception. So I see aerobatics done by B-17s or Pe-8s from time to time, for example, on Letka Orel server, Samara server. B-25s do some tricks as well.
As for the gunners...well, I blame just myself when I killed from 800 m while attacking from six... But when they shoot me during head on attack in Me 262, this can be really frustrating.
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