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Originally Posted by dimlee View Post
No idea about skill level. My favourite pastime on online servers is bomber interception. So I see aerobatics done by B-17s or Pe-8s from time to time, for example, on Letka Orel server, Samara server. B-25s do some tricks as well.
As for the gunners...well, I blame just myself when I killed from 800 m while attacking from six... But when they shoot me during head on attack in Me 262, this can be really frustrating.
I agree it's all wrong, but I'm not sure the problem is one of accuracy. I think what's happening is more that there are a limited number of hit points on the planes. The pilot's head is a very small part of the overall area of the aircraft, and it ought to be more or less impossible to hit it, or rather a hit there ought to be a certainty, but only very, very rarely.

What I think is happening is that there a set (and much too small) number of hit points, one for the engine (probably a dozen for different parts of it), one for the pilots head, one for the elevators, maybe a hundred or so for you hit nothing, but once you hit a particular nothing, it's gone and can't be hit again, and it's like a game of "battleships", "oops I hit the pilot's head".
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