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Originally Posted by Sita View Post
i'm not a programmer ... and for me it's even hard to imagine how it's all work ... i mean how AI work in Il21946 ... and i'm afraid that today we didn't have qualify enough specs to work with AI in il2 ...
on the other hand ... on aviaskins we have person - Leader AI he make inreresting modifications to AI paterns... and i hope some day some how we can include his work ...
I hope! I remember I looked at the classfiles to see if I could do it myself years ago (that is how I know that the check is for 8km)... but I lack the skill. I did manage to get it so that, if they AI saw the enemy - it would simultaneously go into an RTB & Evasive action cycle until it hit the ground though

Anyway, on the AI note - if someone could track down ZloyPetrushkO - he made a good anti-aircraft gun suppression mod that was really neat. It doesn't work with the current version though. He still has a youtube account, an account on the DCS forums, and he has an e-mail address at if you want to try talking him into updating it.
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