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Default I am about to buy kings bounty

Hi all,

Firstly I have played this game thanks to one of my friends having it so I know what its like and that it will work on my system (No refund requests hehe)

Anyway It kinda reminds me like a roguelike in a way, anyway I get to the point nearish the start where you need to do quests for some witch but its just gets so tough, Im going to buy but am kinda hoping I can bounce some ideas of you guys for strategies, its just I get to the point where I have taken all the easy mobs out on the part of the map and then wham I cant get any further because there are no mobs at my level so I get killed again and again. (I am not faulting the game for this and I really want to master it, what sort of things are worth knowing when starting out?)

Btw Im away to buy on steam now
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