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Default Engine Management model

Hey, I was wondering if there is any advantage of letting the engine warm up, the oil was one thing I thought of, but I also remembered that these engines went from 0-100 as routine. Are they modeled like that, or is it just a static engine that when started is running at 100% in mint condition.

And what about the over heat, is it just over heat for a certain amount of time, then it breaks 100%, or do you damage it slightly when you run it hot for different lengths of too long. I guess a better way to ask is are there various over heat models, or just one per plane.

Do any sims have that, I was thinking that French Mod of Il-2 with all the switches click-able might have it, it was pretty real. And reusable planes, I don't know how you could work that into multi player, but I can see some one seeing how long they can make a plane last in off line missions. If they got shot in the wing some patches. And of course, victory flags. I don't know if a heavily damaged plane, but not enough for a new section would handle differently. Online you'd want the new 100% fresh plane.

I've seen some interesting things, fires starting, and going out then re_igniting, looks good if intentional. Mostly in the wing. And I get to see my broken plane a lot, the ribbing and spars look great.

Have you guys seen the clouds for flightsim2020, ho.... my video card hurt playing the utube video. there is a shadow in the room, it knows its days are numbered.

Cheers! Happy Halloween

P.S. I have asked a few times and in such a opinionated community I have not heard/read any one follow up with more requests or a reason why not.
Are we ever going to be able to fly a flight of bombers online/Multiplayer. With so few players, a guy having four bombers would both make his trip worth while, a good chance that at least one Bomber would get through and he would get a bunch of air kills, and that would bring guys I'm sure, & more fighter pilots joining as well.

This is still a very good game, and stable, and can be run on most off the shelf computers made in the last decade at max.

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