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maybe that's the problem, no one understands.

In single player, when you chose a bomber/fighter, you are flying all four, leading them to target.

I would like to see bomber pilots have that option in Multi player, I don't even care if they get 40 lives, they are not playing the same game as us, no one is dog fighting with a flight of B-24's, (though I am sure some will try, even A.I. [B-25's if I remember right] was chasing me in a fighter a few patches ago).

So, if player X decides he wants to play bomber on a server, he can fly the same formation as he would in single player. Now if you get two guys (that are not running from each other and trying to get to the target first, see that too often on line, will grab a bomber and the guy I wanted to fly with goes balls to the wall actually trying to get away from you, and then you watch as the other team shoots him down in one pass, and then do the same to you) that's 8 Bombers, not a bad formation.

The pilot can switch positions in any plane, I.E. if the lead planes gets shot down or PKed, he can move to the second one, and so on until there are none flying.

One thing would be needed on top of the almost invulnerable pilot, no ability to F7 (closest friendly), and track them that way in open pit servers.
That is another thing that burns me when flyng a bomber, take the time to get alt and go the long way, and there is some ____ in a FW190 200 Km from the dog fight area. You just wasted 20 min to get shot down by some one with zero sportsman ship. JMO, I'm sure they think it's alright and fair play to hunt a 1940/2 bomber in a 1944 fighter.

I don't know if it should just be the four engine heavies, and maybe the bigger two engine ones like the He177 and Wellington, most of the single engine planes can turn and fight if the pilot is any good, and I have been chased by B-25's as mentioned above.

Any way, that the concept, single player formation of several planes for multi player bombers.
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