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I was not thinking the 32 Planes, just that first flight, the rest go by way point ATM right (I'm sure even that can be changed, if even to 8 -12 planes, if you can attach four to each other, you can attach 400).

We have had the 10 000m spawn for a while. so they don't need to climb for 20 min to get in a good position. (I flew in formation with two other bombers a looooong time ago on a server, and the fighters had a hard time getting too us, and when they did come at us at our alt they were skidding every where. Good Pilots not used to 7000m flying.

And I set up a mission in that Pack I have with B-29's at 8000m, It's a different fly in a fighter that high. Keeping your alt is another tough one, attacking a bomber formation with proper covering fire and a nice level fast flight path is very difficult. I dropped the alt of the formation in the end to make sure it was playable. I also sent a few of the formations tucked in the middle out empty to lower the 50cal fire, which is a FPS killer, and the bombs dropped).

And you would need to make a alteration to the gunners habits, in that same B-29 mission I flew beside the formation while trying to get FreeTrack to work, and the bombers just kept firing even thought I was not close enough to get hit, not even near. A real player online would just sit there and let the gunners run out of ammo, then go in for some easy shots. (thats where fighter cover comes in). Maybe the ability to turn positions off, so like the two side gunners facing each other in a diamond formation won't fire. When the out side guys are out of ammo, change the formation and turn them off or on depending on which set.

I was even thinking the Pilot could control all the gunners with a single or multiple target points from a external position above the flight. Kind of a "ignore Red*1" "Target Green*13" or even more precise, "Top turret Plane 4 target Yellow<-" Could be labeled as "Position 19 target Yellow<-"
Six gun positions per plane, top turret being the planes #1Gunposition . Tail #2Gunposition....ect

Even if FullSwitch/FullReal they would get this option, to external view. Like I mentioned, it's a different game than the Dog Fight version, played on the same server. Like being in charge of a fleet of battleships, there is no real up down game for the Pilot. You would not even need a joystick except to land.

People will Play if they have a chance to succeed. Some guys do it anyways, day after day they just about make it to target over and over again. I feel bad for them, I do. I always try and make sure they drop their bombs before I shoot at them if I must, I prefer to leave them if there are other planes. there are no Players on the ground, let him play his game. Now if TD changes that.......

If they are going for a airBase, I have no choice but to try and ruin their day.

Even with just 6 Guys on a server, you could have a formation of 8 bombers and two two defenders vs two attackers.
And we use uTube to get the word out, Make decent videos with the formations to show how panoramic and majestic a line of silver beads in the sky (as one German fighter pilot described it), looks, even in Il-2 1946, the only place where you can get that. I think it could rejuvenate interests in the game. I know, this gen of flight sim is so advanced coming back here would be like going back to black and white tv, with no sound... but I can dream right.....


Yeah, the Computers back in 2005-9 would not be able to do this I don't think, especially if they really loaded up the bombers with 10-20 1000lber's or 32 50kg bombs x4, or the para frags with all those chutes. I think the Il-2 has a bomb thats like 96 pellets, and that Fire blob it drops. My weak system could just handle some one dropping the Russian 5000kg online when there was a map with that Plane and Pay load, but many guys were not happy when some one did that.

**TD One more question about the model, Landing gear : when someone bounces away from the spawn point across a field instead of a runway, does the amount of damage the Sim recorded stay when they drop the gear again, and does that maneuver cause any frame stress?

***Does our current ju-52 have the top gunner, I forgot to check after watching that vid Sita posted on the 4.15? thread. But I don't remember seeing that half bubble with the collar on top of our current one. I can't even remember if it's flyable, though I'm pretty sure it's not.

sorry for the length, It was not being submitted for some internet reason, so my browser was open on this page for a while.
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