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Well, I've been playing around with the data files a bit, I've succesfully edited a couple of items, but not been able to add any new ones using existing templates.

For example:

My Shield Prototype gives an additional 700 Shield + 6 SP/s


Go to X:\Program Files\1C Company\Star Wolves 3 - Civil War\Data\Game (Or where you have your game installed)
Open up Modules.xml with notepad (or any text editor)
Now search for "ShAmp5"
Once found, search for the string called: <shield_energy>
You see it is set to 500 .. Simply changing this to 700 will give you 700 additional shield
Changing the string <shield_restore> will change whatever shield you want SP/s.

Now that you have edited the game info, you naturally want it to be displayed properly in the game aswell, otherwise it will still show up 500 SP and 4 SP/s in the description.

Alright, now lets go to: X:\Program Files\1C Company\Star Wolves 3 - Civil War\Data\LocData\English (Or any other language you have)

You will notice a file called: m_modules.loc
Open up that with notepad.
Now search for "ShAmp5"
You will see the description of the file, simply changing 500 to 700 and 4 to 6 is all that needs to be done.
Save and you're ready to go!

NOTICE: ALWAYS BACKUP FILES YOU EDIT .. (Even though this editing is quite harmless, it beats reinstalling when you break your game)

Now, as for my personal problem, adding new items.
With my previous method I showed how I edited the properties of the items .. So I figured, if I copy one part of the .xml file and edit it with new settings, it should add a new item while using an existing image, no? I wanted to make a Shield Prototype Mk 2, so I added this under "ShAmp5":

<ShieldModule name="ShAmp6">

And added this to m_modules.loc:
#M_Name_ShAmp6 = Shield Prototype Mk 2
#M_Hint_ShAmp6 = Shield Prototype|Shield booster
#M_SDesc_ShAmp6 = A shield prototype.
#M_LDesc_ShAmp6 = A shield booster that increases shield energy by 700 SP and shield regeneration by 6 SP/s.|A shield booster prototype of the new generation. It's still early to speak about its commercialization.

Now I naturally figured that it won't just show up in tradestation and had to be "added" to the inventory, so I opened up InitTradeSystem.script and figured that this line: -- Sh,Eng,Man would stand for Shields, Engines, Maneuverability and the numbers displayed in their generation: Bastion, Citadel, Stronghold, Granite, Shield Prototype .. so I figured, if I had another number behind the number that stands for Shield Prototype, it would add my Shield Prototype Mk 2, right? Wrong.
It doesn't show up in the shops unfortunately. And as of yet I can't figure out why. So anyone more experienced with modding this game, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

As for your cheaters out there:

To enable console open Main.ini file located in the game folder.
Under section [GAME] is entry "DEBUGMODE = 0". Change value to "1" (without quotes). Save the file.

Now you can open console in-game by pressing [Shift]+[~] keys.

To enable cheats open the console and type in "g_cheats 1". Now you have enabled cheats.


I - God Mode (No damage to you your mothership or your fighters unless its part of a mission)
So now first close console then push Shift and i to get the BIG I

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