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And yes I know the stock gets randomized at stations, that's why redocking a couple of times usually gets you what you want.
I just finished double-checking everything. Found your problem, you were misinterpreting the inittradesystem script. You also need to edit the floodtradestations.script file located in the include folder. You will need to add your shield to here:

__All_systems ={"LRS1","LRS2","LRS3","LRS4",
"ECM1","ECM2","ECM3","ECM4","AMS1","AMS2","AMS3"," AMS4",
"Stealth1","Stealth2","Stealth3","CloD1","CloD 2",
"EngBoost1","EngBoost2","EngAmp1","EngAmp2","EngAm p3","ManAmp1","ManAmp2",
"WBoost1","WBoost2","WBoost3","GunAmp1","GunAm p2",
"BS_ShAmp1","BS_ShAmp2","BS_ShAmp3","BS_ShAmp4 ",
"BS_EngAmp1","BS_EngAmp2","BS_ManAmp","BS_EngManAm p1","BS_EngManAmp2",
Than you will need to add your shield here, in tradeinit:

4,3,1,1,0,6,3,3,2,1,1,1, -- Sh,Eng,Man
Should become something like...

4,3,1,1,0,1,6,3,3,2,1,1,1, -- Sh,Eng,Man
That should send you off in the right direction.
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