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Default Motherships Mod v0.27

Motherships Mod v0.27
It's still beta version.

Mod adds buyable motherships, fighters and pilots. You can buy them at any maintenance station.

Changes: see changes.txt or inside the archive.

Important things:
- Some quests check the mothership you are flying. If you'll get info like "World is unfair. Game over." you will know why.
- Maintenance station dialog is not refreshed automatically. That's why I added REFRESH option. You'll need it to see new options after you buy a firmware pilot or a perk.
- In order to teach Bryna & KT new perks you have to let them suck some experience points from other pilots first. If girls have any of the Learner perks they do this better .
- if you put any pilot as a mothership pilot even for a while, Bryna & KT taught perks and skill points will be lost (thanks to Trucidation for pointing this problem). Because of engine limitations I can do nothing about it.
- When the game is supposed to give you a new pilot script checks the total number of your pilots. If you have too many the dialog appears and you have to choose and remove one or more pilots. Due to the 6 pilots cap, near the end of the game, you'll probably have to remove all new pilots. Pilots being removed have their progress saved. If you'll loose some of the main storyline pilots you can go to the maintenance station and get the previously removed pilots back with all progress restored.
- Just in case of possible bug you can dismiss your new pilots at any maintenance station too.
- Right after you hire a new pilot, all his perks cost are 0. Just jump through any gate and everything will be ok.
- If you won't hire any new pilot you shouldn't see any difference in storyline progress.
- If you want to play my mod with Nanaki's Fleet mod - you have to install Fleet mod first and next Mothership mod. DO NOT USE the file from Nanaki's archive.

Just copy zip archive to your SW3 folder and unpack.

Info for those who want to help debug this mod:
1. Try to keep 6 pilots as often as you can.
2. If you encounter any issue (CTD, storyline progress stopped, etc.) let me know. Try to give as much information as you can (actual quest, sector, which pilots you have, last displayed message or dialog and who said that).
3. Sometimes pilots could be removed even when not necessary or removed not enough. If you encounter such a situation let me know too.
4. I do my best but english is not my native language. If you see any glitches let me know. Not much text in this mod but still..

Any type of feedback and new ideas are welcomed.

Huge thanks to the peoples form StarRover forum. They impregnated me with some great ideas. Thanks again.

Download: Motherships Mod v0.27

Alternative download links: Mirror1

I'm adding these screens as reference. These two perk trees are combined for one firmware pilot named "Bryna&KT". Only difference is "Precursor Technology Adaptation" perk (right after "Alien Tech" perk) for 200 skill points.


Hello again!
I've just found my old Star Wolves modding archive. I turned out that an unreleased 0.28 version of my mod was hiding inside . AFAIR it contains some small changes to the code and two unbalanced, totally OP motherships: Alien Frigate and Alien Dreadnought (made for tests and fun). The mod may also contain other changes I've forgot about and IT MAY CRASH (or has other smaller issues) due to the simple fact that I've stopped working on it just somewhere in the middle. So, you use it at your own risk.

Motherships Mod v0.28 UNFINISHED BETA, Mirror1
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