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Originally Posted by Nanaki View Post
1: Keeping it to maintenance stations... having to go halfway across the galaxy to purchase a new mothership is a pain in the butt (Especially when you do not have insta-hyperspace), and maintenance stations could use a little spice.
I'm planning about 5-6 entries to my system. 4 portals in the corner systems of the map and 1-2 in the center. It's easier than converting stations. Portals that will lead you back will be added too. Name the systems you like.

Originally Posted by Nanaki View Post
2: I am not sure about pilots... As long as there was a way to get rid of them in order to make room for the storyline pilots, I did not see anything.
There is nothing bad about pilots until you use one of each. I can add removing function. It's not a problem. I can even add warnings before critical quest which could possibly add a storyline pilot. EDIT: warning can come along with dialog which will fire pilots of your choice. Is it good enough?
Originally Posted by Nanaki View Post
3: Disabling the purchase of motherships until after you get the repainted (non-pirate) Mastiff, and disabling it again after you get your final mothership, will eliminate all of the issues with "World is unfair. Game over." error. The game only makes exactly 2 checks between the acquisition of the repainted mastiff and the acquition of your final mothership. One of these checks is in the optional Astarte mission, the other is in the outofmission.script file.
You mean adding whole thing to the quest system. Unfortunately, I'm having some problems with quest tracking. For now mod will stay directly attached to the locations. IMO It's easier just to disable one checking function in some quests than making their own. I'll take care of it.

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