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If you only change activation parameter - yes that's easy. But it's not all. Script contains reactivation of portals after you bought new ms. It will work only in the system with the same portal names like in Elio. I other systems you'll get a lot of errors.
Portals do not use very complex names... always something like PORTAL_A and PORTAL_C and PORTAL_E... Doing a blanket activation of A through Z should fix that. It may cause a little slowdown and generate some internal log files, but otherwise would work perfectly. You could eliminate the internal errors by just adding checks for each portal, Something like if PORTAL_D exists, then activate PORTAL_D else null.

Also, I kept the original maintenance station behavior with what I did. Basically, all I did was add a sixth option to original Maintenance station dialogue which, upon selecting it, takes you to the Goblin Shipyards dialogue script.

Here is the code:
<DialogAnswer name="ans06">
<go_message_name />
<sound_name />
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