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Exclamation Reporting a bug in Star Wolves 3

If you have found a bug and you don't think it was reported here before, please let us know about it using these guidelines:

1. If you've found a typo, syntactic error or similar text error, just write about it in this thread and it will be fixed in the next patch.

2. If an error is more complex, for example script working incorrectly or not working at all, errors with NPCs, etc., the developers would need additional files to be able to find and fix the error. Please archive the following files and mail them to developers in addition to posting about the error in this thread:
a) LOGFile.txt located in main game folder. It's imperative to archive it before starting the game another time, since it would be overwritten (but you should exit the game first so it would be complete and closed correctly). If you just Alt+Tab from the game and archive the current LOGFile.txt without closing the game, it would be incomplete;
b) Game saves - BEFORE the bug occured (maybe even before jumping into the system where the bug was encountered);
c) Dxdiag log file. You can make such file but running the DxDiag Windows utility (for example, Start > Run > type dxdiag and press Enter) and saving the report about your system in text file.

Saves must be actual (you should use the latest version of the game) and your game mustn't be modded. If you use a mod, saves that were created using it will be incompatible with the vanilla version and developers wouldn't be able to load them.

Please mail the archive with aforementioned files to (put "Star Wolves 3 bug" in the subj line). Thank you.
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