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Pretty sure the devs are aware of the various InoCo script problems, but I can't mail them since my game's modded. Well, at least I can help with the typos. Please don't fix the grammar, it has it's own distinctive charm

[1] Dialog between Hero and Ternie, after collecting the pirate mothership and on the way to Hephaestus. To be exact, in the Argon system, I believe. The one that starts with "[Hero]: Ternie, was your clan a serious one?" Ternie's 3rd line: "[Ternie]: My aren't you curious. All right. n brief, I was on a ship, ..."
-- capital letter 'i' missing; should read "In brief, I was".

[2] When meeting Phantom just after visiting the Mercenary Exchange (select to go visit Mercenary Exchange when given decision which faction to ask), and if you helped Heretic earlier. Hero's 2nd dialog: "No, unfortunatly we're not."
-- letter 'e' missing; should read "unfortunately".

[3] NESF patrol station dispatcher when you dock to turn in escape pods. The third line reads "Oh, you've got a good catch: nn pirates. You're lucky, you reward is nnnnn credits."
-- letter 'r' missing; should read "your reward". (You can get different responses, depending on how many escape pods you turn in.)

[4] NESF path, when Alexandra has the second mission for you, where the dialog starts with the Hero saying "[Hero]: Well, well, well, if it isn't a message from our friend from the New Empire." Greyhair's 3rd line: "[Greyhair]: It's just a convenient [...] As for breaking contracts... It someone does it, he's not ..."
-- typo, letter 'f' instead of 't'; should read "As for breaking contracts... If someone does it,".

Edit 1 (25 May 2010):

[5] Conversation with Heretic / Phantom during start of Precursor mission arc in system X203 and you stopped to pick up Joseph. If you helped Heretic, this scene opens with "[Heretic]: Finally. What took you so long?" -- if you turned Heretic down and later helped Phantom, this scene opens with "[Ternie]: And yet again he's alone and unprotected." Further down that conversation Joseph interrupts, saying "[Joseph]: The dairy has assumptions and guesses, while I have facts."
-- Dairy is actually diary misspelled; should read "[Joseph]: The diary has assumptions and guesses,".

[6] Single line by Admiral Trump as you enter a system while escorting the flight of Tern liners carrying citizens to safety from Al Zed to XT-93. There's just a single line, "[Adm.Trump]: Affirmartive, moving on to your location." Sorry, I don't remember exactly when but it's likely in response to when you kick the ass of the hostile MSF ships portal camping you outside of Al Zed.
-- typo, letter 'r' unnecessary; should read "[Adm.Trump]: Affirmative, moving on to your location."

[7] The really, really long "peace negotiations" in Eridan in the NESF path. If I'm not mistaken this happens if you help defend Admiral Trump against Admiral Hader. Dialog begins with "[Corsair]: Alexandra! You persuaded the admiral to hear us out!" Many, many lines of text down is a line that reads "[Adm.Trump]: Corsair, the liutenant is right. If the Greys are alerted,".
-- letter 'e' missing; should read "[Adm.Trump]: Corsair, the lieutenant is right."

Edit 2 (26 May 2010):

[8] MSF path, right after receiving the mission from Viper to deliver a package to Dionysus. Dialog starts with "[Viper]: Finally, you're here. Portal patrols reported of your arrivel." Greyhair's second line reads "[Greyhair]: I smell a rat... Equipment? Hah! Coulnd't they come up with anything better?"
- Two typos here, 'arrival' misspelled and the letters 'n' and 'd' switched in 'Couldn't'. First correction should read "[Viper]: Finally, you're here. Portal patrols reported of your arrival." Second should read "[Greyhair]: I smell a rat... Equipment? Hah! Couldn't they come up with anything better?"

[9] At the beginning of the Precursor mission arc, when you enter X203 - dialog starts with "[Hero]: Keep your eyes open, everyone". Greyhair's first line "[Greyhair]: For real? [...] but I've been bathing in adrenaline since that sirmish with the Berserks."
-- letter 'k' missing; should read "since that skirmish with the Berserks."

[10] MSF path, when Admiral Trump notifies Viper that the mission is aborted - dialog begins with "[Viper]: What do you mean cancelled? By whom?! Why?" Admiral Trump's second line "[Adm.Trump]: Too late. His Majesty, [...] state apparatus and Admiraly leaders ...".
-- letter 't' missing; should read "state apparatus and Admiralty leaders ..."

[11] MSF path, if you side with Viper and destroy Admiral Trump, when she goes to 'settle some affairs' and tells you to dock with the station - dialog with the station begins with "[Security force captain]: Excuse me, are you major's team?" Validol's first line "[Validol]: Oh, the admiral was right about [...] and keep even secirity forces on an intel ..."
-- typo, letter 'u' instead of 'i'; should read "and keep even security forces on an intel ..."

[12] MSF path, when Admiral Hader shows up and is interrupted by Viper - dialog begins with "[Adm.Hader]: Fine, we're here. Sappers, you know what to do." Admiral Hader's third-last line "[Adm.Hader]: Dumb hidebound fanatic! [...] outlawed! Attack him with all you have!"
-- typo, Admiral Hader is referring to Viper, who is female; should read "Attack her with all you have!"

[13] MSF path, when you jump to the Solar system and are stopped by the defense perimeter patrol - dialog begins with "[MSF captain]: Attention, unknown ships. Flying is prohibited in this part of space." Viper's second line "[Viper]: Captain, we didn't come here to [...] very dangerous rats in the emperor's retunie."
-- typo, letter 'u' and 'i' switched; should read "very dangerous rats in the emperor's retinue."

[14] MSF path, if you side with Admiral Trump instead of Viper, and after the Admiral tells you to visit the store - dialog begins with "[Ternie]: Great... Honest... Like hell! A dumb fanatic up to her elbos in blood!"
-- letter 'w' missing; should read "A dumb fanatic up to her elbows in blood!"

Edit on 27 May 2010:

[15] Triada path, after completion of the spy satellite arc mission arc in XT-54 - dialog with Senior Field Agent Roy Roghem begins with "[Triada agent]: Glad to see you again, team." Hero's third response "You may be right, but you should've [...] What about the informantion I need?"
-- typo, letter 'n' unnecessary; should read "What about the information I need?"

[16] Triada path, when Triada Senior Field Agent Roy Roghem contacts you again - dialog starts with "[Triada agent]: It's good you're still here." His third line "[Triada agent]: Great! I guess your friends [...] pity, if our coproration produced a negative impression."
-- typo, I'm pretty sure he meant 'cooperation' and not 'corporation' (as in Triada Corporation) because that doesn't make sense; should read "pity, if our cooperation produced a negative impression."

[17] Alex path, when Cleric obtains the Manticore mothership and you hyperjump once and a decision must be made where to go to next - dialog begins with "[Cleric]: Stopover! Please remain seated and don't pop your heads out of windows." Much, much further down the dialog is a line "[Cleric]: Yeah, you do that. But don't forget to type [...] been outsted from office, InoCo's security ..."
-- typo, letter 't' unnecessary; should read "been ousted from office,".

You know, the text you guys don't encode (i.e. using FILETYPE STANDART) like the stuff in \Data\LocData\English\ can simply be run through a spellcheck. Paste it in Open Office and it'll even do grammar check.

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