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How can I report this bug, it involves modding

If you assign a sound to a rocket by giving the name of a sound file in <work_sound> inside \Data\Game\Rockets.xml, game will play the sound but crash to desktop immediately when the rocket hits target.

Originally Posted by LOGfile.txt
(15:31:44) (INFO) LoadFromStream_GameInterface: result: Ok!
(15:31:44) (INFO) LoadFromStream_MusicPlayList: result: Ok!
(15:31:44) (INFO) LoadFromStream_LocationManager: result: Ok!
(15:31:44) (INFO) LoadFromStream_TradeSystem: result: Ok!
(15:31:45) (INFO) LoadFromStream_QuestManager2: result: Ok!
(15:31:45) (INFO) LoadFromStream_PortalManager: result: Ok!
(15:31:45) (INFO) LoadFromStream_RecruitManager: result: Ok!
(15:31:45) (INFO) ExecuteScriptFile - DATA\Scripts\Locations\elio\functions.script
(15:31:45) (INFO) ExecuteScriptFile - DATA\Scripts\Quests\MISSION_4_5\ ript

[EXCEPTION] 0x0060df71 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (The thread attempted to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.)
[EXCEPTION] [INFO] Memory Usage = 230.816406 Mb
[EXCEPTION] [INFO] heapchk return = -2 HEAP Ok
Also, rocket launch sound is hardcoded to point to "s_rocket_launch.wav". Can we please have this as a tag instead, for example engines have <start_engine_sound> tag. It sounds boring to have all rockets share same launch sound. I want to make torpedo launches sound more... manly.
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