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Fair warning:
I nitpick.
I ramble.

That said, onward!

iirc Version 1.1 (2##.###), I'll fill that in after I verify.
I don't know how you locate text, so don't know what info you need.

* After getting the Mastiff with Mercs (not the Heretic -> Wild Cats path)
"[Phantom] You won't get our equipment, vultures. I, Phantom, say so!
[Phantom] There was a good team of vetern mercenaries..." - veteran.

* When you first meet Watchmaker, you're telling him about your convoy.
" ... completely legit. tried to find..." - 'I tried to find', though 'Tried to find' works too.

* When you return to Placid Docks in the Mastiff, there's a letter waiting for you from Alex.
2 things:
1) The letter (That Hero reads to Ternie) in the dialogue is not the same as the letter that's in your mail.
2) "... Time is of the essense..." - Essence. The letter gets it right

* "Mission added: Reach Bursar's statin" - Station.

* After Ternie summons Precursors for the first time
"[Greyhair] If I saw this with my own eyes, I'd think you were both insane." - If I hadn't seen this...

* After getting Cleric / the Manticore and retrieving Ternir & Kalem (Alex Path) you (scripted super)jump to XT-23.
"[Cleric] I tuned the huper engine! At-a-boy!..." - Hyper, and possibly 'Attaboy', since I'm not aware of a standard spelling for that.

* After killing the Vulcan Portal guards
"[Alex] ... This additional cannon meat might..." - Intentional? The phrase is 'Cannon fodder'.

* After killing the Symbiants (Guarding SAM1)
"[SAM] Wait,... The humanity cannot unit without assistance..."
Oh the humanity...!

Ahem. Sorry.
Anyway, should be 'Humanity cannot unite...'

* @ Negotiations @ NESF HQ (Ardain? Forgot the system name) in Alex path (idk about the others)
"[Corsair] ... the army uncontrolled?Yes." - Needs a space after the ?

* Zebos, after the first SupChim 'ports out.
"[Ternie] Why is that bastard?! It should've flown to bits." - blown. And possibly 'Why that bastard?!'
(Grammatically correct, but less D'awww. {*1})

Not entirely sure how to explain that. It's the heartwarming felling you get when, having been away for along time, you see someone you like do something typical and idiosyncratic.

Not a bug as such, but would it be at all possible to decrease the bloody Hephastus instakill area when you're on the way to Elio (to 'unpirate' the ship)?
Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but it takes me upwards of 5 attempts per character to just get to the Elio portal without getting script-killed.

Related: It's quite possible, to my surprise, to kill the Stone Arrow that shows up, with just your basic Mastiff.
Save, get to the 'decoy' waypoint, MSF patrol calls it, gets killed by turrets, it shows up, blasts turrets, and eventually sits around doing nothing.
SLOWLY approach it. You've got an ~inch wiggle room in which your Scorchers will hit it, but it won't shoot back.
NB: It's worth 5 exp iirc, and drops nothing, so meh :/, big deal, but I might as well report it anyway.

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