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Here's mission four!


1. Again, there is more than one way to complete this mission. Some alternatives are discussed below.

2. Run right and into the hotel lobby. Check in at the front desk on the left and receive your visitor card.
a. You can also steal a visitor card from guests sleeping in their rooms or from the targets you kill, but there’s no reason to do so.
3. Leave the lobby through the large doors next to the front desk, go right, follow the hallway to the end, and go left to enter the main hall.

4. The foreign agent is the green-circled guest. Wait for him to get up, then follow him. Don’t get too close.

From lobby to main hall (green) and from main hall to library (white).

5. The agent will walk to the library and get upstairs. Keep following. Soon he’ll collect papers from a bookcase and you’ll know both that he is the agent and who the traitor is. The traitor is downstairs in the library, so quietly go down and wait. The traitor is red, so hide.

6. When the traitor leaves the library, follow him to the swimming pool wing.

7. He will enter the shower room. Wait him out in the hallway until he’s done; it will take a couple of minutes.
a. Alternatively, you can kill him here and get it over with. Follow this mini-walkthrough on how to do so.
b. As soon as he enters the bathroom, go down the same hall to a locked door to the changing rooms (green route on the map below).
c. Pick that lock and go in. The traitor will be looking at the swimming pool. Stay in the changing rooms and wait for him to leave.
d. The very moment he leaves, sneak-run around the swimming pool and to the showers where he is.
e. You’ll catch him in front of the sink. Kill him and hide his body in the farthest shower stall (black dot on the map below).
f. Proceed to step 11.

Follow the traitor (pink route), and when he enters the restroom (red),
go the long way around and catch him inside (green).

8. If you didn’t kill the traitor in the showers, follow him when he leaves. He’ll go upstairs.

9. You have your chance when he enters an empty corridor. Kill him right away.

10. Carry his body into the nearest guest room. Leave the body behind the armchair in the sitting room (red circle in the map above).

11. Regardless of where you killed the traitor, to continue now you need a hotel staff disguise. There’s a guard standing by this same hallway, by the large open doors at the start where you just entered. You must kill him cleanly, though, so run by him quickly to lure him out. You may have to try several times. As soon as he walks into the hallway to check on the noise, sneak behind him and kill him cleanly, pretty much in the same spot as you killed the traitor (if you killed him here).

Lure the guard out by running (or dropping an object you picked up anywhere), sneak, pull out the cord, and kill him.

12. Carry his body in the same sitting room where you left the traitor’s (if you did). Change clothes (hotel guard).
a. In this same room, you can steal a visitor card from the sleeping guest if you need to.
13. Optional task: finding the weapons. This isn’t needed to complete the mission, and it will kill your chances of getting the Expert rating, so I’d just not do it. But for the heck of it, here’s a mini-walkthrough:

a. Go back to the main hall and take a right at the bottom.
b. Here are three rooms marked with an orange “2.” The weapons are in the right-hand one (blue circle in the map above).
c. Hide in the red-circled room. When the waiter sits with his back to you, stun or kill him.
d. When the red chef enters the meat locker (white circle), quickly run up and lock him inside. He’ll freeze to death.
e. Now the coast is clear and you can pick the lock (blue circle). Never mind the other waiter; he won’t get suspicious enough to alarm the guards. You can still throw some plates to distract him, though, or topple over the stack of dishes in the kitchen.
f. Enter the blue-circled room and retrieve the parcels with the weapons.
g. When you’re done, go back to the main hall.
14. Now you just need to replace the papers in the foreign agent’s room with fake ones. Follow this map to his room:

From the main hall to the foreign agent’s room (green circle). The red circle is the empty hallway where you killed the hotel staff guard and took his clothes.

15. Save your game.

16. Before you proceed, make sure of two things:
a. The two guards at the other end of this hallway (atop the stairs) aren’t looking.
b. The agent isn’t in his room.
17. Enter sneak mode so you won’t be seen. Kill the guard by the door with a knife throw when he isn’t looking. You must be very quick.

18. Carry his body in the agent’s room and hide it in the bathtub in the bathroom (go left and then straight, through the bedroom).

19. Quickly go back to the bedroom and lock-pick the safe. It’s five locks so it will take a while. Be quick if you can. Open the safe, get the papers, close the safe, close the bathroom door, and leave.
a. It’s best to enter the agent’s room when he has literally just left. This will give you the longest time to lock-pick the safe before he gets back. If you fail the first time, reload your game and just hide in the bathroom (with the guard’s corpse) until the agent leaves, and then go for the safe. You may have to wait up to 3-4 minutes for this to succeed.
20. Once out of the agent’s room, go right and down the staircase with the two guards.

21. Go straight down the hallway and take a left at the bar/dining room marked by the blue dot. That’s your exit point.

From the staircase to the nearest exit point.

22. Mission accomplished and Expert rating! (That damn 1-4% aggression keeps you from a clean sheet, but it’s irrelevant.)
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