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===== Remove Laggy Fog/Dust Clouds =====
Release history:
- Initial release - Sun 30 May 2010

Contains 1 mod:
[1] No Dust Clouds -- by Trucidation
This mod is for people who experience lag while flying around those annoying fog clouds. It simply replaces all cloud definitions with a basic one (visuals will be affected). WARNING: If you have previous savegames, they will not load. This is because saves preserve information about systems you've visited - including dust cloud info. So you must apply this mod BEFORE you start a new game.
Mod URL:

Get it here:
See attachments.

How to install:
1) unzip the archive you downloaded
2) copy-paste the Data folder to the game's folder (say yes to overwrite)

Additional notes:
This mod should be compatible with most anything out there, it simply changes files in the \Data\PFX\DustFX\ folder.
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