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Originally Posted by JacquestheApostate View Post
I am a Total War fanatic some may say, but what’s different is I don’t play the campaign games I simply play the online custom battles.

I am seriously considering getting the VIII Century and Real Warfare 1242.

For starters can you play battles against each other online similar to TW?

How many players can participate?

Can someone post some screen shots for me?

Thanks in advance

Here is a few piccies I posted in the duffer society on TWC..did you see my posts on TWC old boy?

Ye there is multiplayer sir and you can battle to your hearts content.. I think there is an xfire community as well.

Well I just found out something very interesting indeed.. Real Warfare 1242 is back to back compatible with XIII Century Gold edition... Blood of Europe.which is on steam as well.. didn't know that.

So not only can you play Real Warfare campaigns.. but also XIII Century Gold edition campaigns as well. this makes for really long campaign battle game.. I assure you... you need a stratagem to win any of the battles.
Oh nearly forgot there are bonus maps that need to be unlocked by progressing in the game too.

Here are a few piccies chaps.. well impressed me.

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