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The multiplayer battles are at maximum of 3vs3 but battle maps are bigger. As features you have:

a battle map generator (you can have each time a new map)
a new battle type (the battlefield, where you have reinforcements and zone of control)
a lobby with ladder included
a powerful editor

Download my guides and see some of my videos for have a idea of game.

Unluckily online we are few because the game is still not much diffused that why we are using the xfire group for organize battles; there are also some russian players (normally between the 8:00-10:00 PM cet) but they are strong and many of them don't speak english so for a newbie can be hard.

Is normal lost the first 10-15 battles in multi before understand the tactics and force rapports, especially against rus and arab armies.

PS: I will not be online for play for some day, because my principal PC has a problem and I'm waiting the new component. I think i will be again online from tuesday or wesneday (hoping the power generator don't burn other components when collapsed )
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