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Default My Thoughts on Rig-n-Roll

After a few days of playing, I went searching for a place that could possibly explain some of the peculiarities of the game ... and found this forum.

The story line aspect of the game is a welcome feature which other so-called "simulators" seem to lack -- most are "pick-up and drop-off" (as USA Trucker notes). Having said that, it would have been better if the story had more humble beginnings: the main character, one small office, and enough money to buy a modest, used truck. From there, the story can evolve.

Gameplay is certainly geared towards those who a) have either a desktop or a high-end laptop and b) enjoy "racing" over anything else -- evidenced by the mapping of the controls to a 101-key keyboard. Moreover, if someone does not have either a steering wheel or a joystick, they are reduced to using only the keyboard to drive the truck: the mouse is reserved solely for moving the camera about in different views. In these economic times, I am not so sure this was a wise decision on behalf of the developers as it restricts their potential market: those with mid-range laptops and only a mouse. If SCS Software can accomplish this with Euro Truck 2009, then why can't the developers do the same for Rig-n-Roll?

This forum has many, many posts on bugs and improvements, so it is unnecessary to go into them here. For my part, it seems as if the developers placed too much emphasis on graphics and racing elements: if this is to be a simulator about truck driving and building a successful cargo transportation company, then shouldn't the primary focus have been those elements? True, there is "Nick's Trucking", but it is more complicated than it needs to be and driving the truck should be more enjoyable than it is.

In my opinion, if certain features of Euro Truck 2009 were combined with the storyline of Rig-n-Roll, then the game would be more enjoyable.

Overall, Rig-n-Roll shows much promise and one can only hope the developers address the issues to make the game more enjoyable. For this, I rated the game as "It's OK (needs a lot of improvements)."

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