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Nicely written, and well mannered. Good job.

As for the steering wheel issue. I'm in favor of using a steering device rather than a keyboard/mouse. I like to feel as if I'm behind the wheel, as I was in the old days. If I see a driving game that doesn't support a wheel device, I just won't get it. In Rig 'n' Roll there are just too many things to do, and see without me constantly looking at the keyboard. I just steer, and press a button here & there. I'm able to take in the scenery, and view the conversations while driving. The keyboard/mouse tends to hand-cuff this aspect of the game. Being that this game is mostly based on time, and racing, I think that the wheel is the best way to accomplish the game goals, and over-all enjoyment.

I also have 18WoS & ETS. I use a wheel for those too, but I find R'n'R more enjoyable, and challenging. Therefore, I don't play those other games much anymore. The biggest complaint that I, and others have always been the trailer physics that needs an over-haul, and we should be able to back our own truck into various places (Warehouse/Repair Shop, etc). This is also why I gave this game the same rating you did.
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