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Originally Posted by USA Trucker View Post
Nicely written, and well mannered. Good job.

As for the steering wheel issue. I'm in favor of using a steering device rather than a keyboard/mouse. I like to feel as if I'm behind the wheel, as I was in the old days. If I see a driving game that doesn't support a wheel device, I just won't get it. In Rig 'n' Roll there are just too many things to do, and see without me constantly looking at the keyboard. I just steer, and press a button here & there. I'm able to take in the scenery, and view the conversations while driving. The keyboard/mouse tends to hand-cuff this aspect of the game. Being that this game is mostly based on time, and racing, I think that the wheel is the best way to accomplish the game goals, and over-all enjoyment.

I also have 18WoS & ETS. I use a wheel for those too, but I find R'n'R more enjoyable, and challenging. Therefore, I don't play those other games much anymore. The biggest complaint that I, and others have always been the trailer physics that needs an over-haul, and we should be able to back our own truck into various places (Warehouse/Repair Shop, etc). This is also why I gave this game the same rating you did.
USA Trucker:

"Thanks for the come back ... `preciate it!"

It's not that I am against using a steering wheel or joystick; it's just that I would like to see an option for using the mouse to steer.

For example: In Euro Truck 2009, I use the following key mappings:
- 'W' for deceleration/braking;
- 'S' for acceleration (easier to use in conjunction with cruise control ... having short fingers )
- Steering is accomplished by moving the mouse left and right
- Left mouse for left turn signal (this comes in handy for stopping/slowing any traffic in adjacent lane)
- Right mouse for right turn signal (same reason as above)

For the most part, the rest of the key mapping is left to default settings. This setup allows me to drive the truck while having my eyes focused on the road ahead and still being able to take in the scenery. Speaking of views, I prefer the driver's seat view the most (a feeble attempt to immerse myself into the game world), but in Euro Truck 2009, I find the bumper and top cams useful: the FPS 'skittering' in highly-congested traffic is reduced and a semblance of fluidity is maintained with the bumper cam; the top (or overhead) cam is useful with positioning the trailer within the 'box' at the docks -- getting the trailers perfectly aligned is a bit tricky; although I try to simulate what a real trucker does from time-to-time -- in driver's view: backing in, using mirrors.

Above all, please bear in mind that I only have a mid-range laptop. Although the steering control in Rig-n-Roll is frustrating for me (using the left and right arrow keys is quite tiring after a while!), I must bear in mind that my laptop does not have a supported video card, which does affect game play. The game does, however, function well enough for me to play it -- I would just enjoy it more if I could use the mouse to steer the truck (personally, I am willing to forgo having the ability to "look around" inside the cabin in-lieu of using the mouse to steer). If this can be accomplished, then I found the perfect game to pass the time while traveling and in hotel rooms (albeit, once the bugs are fixed)! Additionally, I would also enjoy the game more if it wasn't so "racing" centric.

I think Rig-n-Roll and Euro Truck 2009 (ETS, right?) are the best trucking simulators on the market today and do enjoy both.

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