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I see what your saying.

This game however has great graphics inside the truck, and out. In order to view this beauty the mouse plays a large role here with fluid movements all around, and in the truck to view instead of using arrow keys. Therefore, having the mouse to steer would not be feasible here. I love this aspect of the game.

I also recommend that anyone interested in buying any driving game to invest in a good steering-wheel device complete with pedals & shifter. Anything else just don't cut it. To me, it would be like playing a flight game without a good joy-stick. I can't even imagine playing these games today with just a key-board & mouse. It looses the feel of reality, and it's just simply not enjoyable to me.

I, and others also have stated in many threads that this game works best on high-end computers in-spite of what RnR's system specs indicate. Anything less would experience problems of all sorts.
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