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Cool Rig n Roll is good..but

Rig n Roll is an awesome Game ! But... It would be alot better if they would do the following:

1- Add more custom parts for vehicle customization
2-More colors to truck
3-Choice of choosing , day-cab, sleeper (flat top, Mid top, or High Rise)
4-Some way that we can select a trailer a a cargo our own way
5-Having nicer looking rims ( the ones in rignroll are so poor looking, my god)
6- Being able to change the exhaust and also if it's straight pipe or stock
7-They should have more than one location to drop-off in cities
8-More lighting options on truck ( back-up lights,fog lights,mirror lights, eveywhere lights)
9-Choice of moose bumpers, cab shield, rear fenders
10- Being able to paint fuel tanks and side steps

That's all I got for now !
But I think if it would have alot more features to rig n roll, it would be insane ! Seems like they just published the game when it wasn't even done !
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