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No, there isn't. The silver victory had exactly the same reward as a gold victory (other than bragging points).

I was pleased with the strategy that got the gold victory. (In my first 21 turn victory, I think it was more that I got lucky than that I had a good strategy). Taking the first objective point, the two city blocks in the pass, I sacrificed two units to draw the defenders out of their city. That got them into a broader area, so I could attack with more units. And I got the nobles with no city bonus to defense. By the time I got there, the artillery was defending the city.

Then I waited to deploy the three stone throwers I bought and put them behind that first objective. I beat the big dwarf by bombarding him with two stone throwers and the spear thrower, which had increased range by that point, over the mountains. The balloon helped too. And I got one wolf rider in to deliver the killing blow.
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