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Originally Posted by MACLUB View Post
Hi all
Is there a other program to unpack .vfs? I downloaded this from but it doesn't work for me, there is no buttons. I tried to reinstall .NET framework and doesn't work with all versions for me 2.0, 3,5 etc
Can someone tell me what can I do? or maybe someone could upload or send me unpacked textures from game, i need to change this stupid crosses to normal historical symbols.
What's your state of work AHO?
Thx all. for rep. (sry for my eng)
as far as I know there is no other unpacker for vfs. Ask hykao, if I
remember correctly he or they programmed another unpacker for
the sequel, but I am not sure if its compatible with dts' vfs!

The current state is rather progressed. I figured out a lot of the
scripts. E.g. the level is not failed, if the courier in level "Wintercold" is killed after you freed him.

I will post the current state soon, if I had time. Because the changelog is really long...

Sorry for your English? No Sorry for my poor English


PS: Perhaps you read it in the other thread: I figured out how to add new tasks into the game...

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