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Good post of Jumoschwanz.

But... I'd agree with the first sentence "IL2 is at it's best..." wholeheartedly... 10 years ago - when I was spending a lot (and I mean a lot) of time on "full real" servers.
Since then my sightseeing has changed so I don't try to compete in dogfights. Neither do I go for medium/high alt bomb runs with closed cockpit anymore. Strain on eyes is just too annoying. Today I prefer more "lighter" settings with own external views which allows to control my 6 and to "hear" aircrafts nearby thus compensating my visual difficulties.
There are so many ways to enjoy this Game. For everyone, in various settings and environment. Probably that's why it is still alive.
Q: Mr. Rall, what was the best tactic against the P-47?
A: Against the P-47? Shoot him down!
(Gunther Rall's lecture. June 2003, Finland)
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