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Default New 7.62 game maybe? Come on 1C :)

Hey everyone,

not sure how 1C is holding up these days but I think they should be doing pretty good with all the games they've released in last years.

JA2 and 7.62 are such phenomenal games, the only games that I keep coming back to, even though they are so outdated. I just hoped aboard 7.62 HLA on Steam and goddamn, not many recent games still come up close to the tactical depth of 7.62 HC (and HLA).

Seeing how all Jagged Alliance revamps failed (more or less), 1C, I think you have a nice opportunity to fill the gap of a modern tactical / RPG game.

There is a quite a trend towards hardcore games, Escape from Tarkov albeit a completely different game, is doing quite well outside of having problems with cheaters. But only because it's online based.

Has 1C even considered a spiritual successor of 7.62 or the Brigade series? I am sure they have bunch of stable engines (more stable than 7.62 was lol) to work on. I mean they have ALOT of valuable experience from 7.62 and could build nicely towards a new modern tactical RPG. I know they are only publishers, but still.

I'd buy it at full price anytime or even support it on Kickstarter etc...

What do you guys think
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