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I know of no way to easily determine your current # of pilot points. However, when you mouse over your rank (ship screen), you can see the number of points required to achieve the next rank.

Candidate requirements on assignment of a rank

(HTML is off, can't do tables in BB, this is gonna suck)

Rank - Pilot Points
Green Rookie 0
Young Cadet +100
Experienced Pilot +250
Resourceful Captain +450
Skilled Exterminator +750
Combat Ace +1000
Distinguished Commodore +1500

Experience Type - Pilot Points
Shtip 3
Menok 6
Smersh 12
Urgant 24
Equentor 48
Pirate 10
Liberation of system 30
Construction of military station 100

Thanks to Maldarom, here is original topic link.
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