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why aren't dragons viable? i run with 3 dragons right now and mages, and then fill the final spot with whatever playing on hard mode.

i don't know all of the tricks and this is my first time reading the forums but i've found this to be the best combo since dragons have such high armor and hp's they don't die if you keep them up and buffed.

i phantom the mages to start out, put up shield/stonearmor on the red/green dragons and send them in first for first hit and retaliation soaking, then send the black one in for the free attacks. i love dragons since they're damage abilities are more strategy based with how they attack, and how the enemy is positioned, and using the green dragon pull to line them up feels like there is more depth to playing the strategy part. most units don't give me this style of enemy positioning to consider as much and take advantage of.

granted the fire immune stuff can be an issue but its why i have 2 other units and swap out the black/red dragons, altho i'm still trying to find other good combinations that work just as well. i just can't seem to since everything dies and i have to replace them. dragons i can at least keep up even if they take huge army hits as long as i keep shields up on them, then heals in between.
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