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Whoops, my huge edit came in while you were posting.

I know about the ally damage thing, that was another huge thing which really annoyed me about missiles. Especially if you activate the salvo skill; good god, that one seems friggen' designed to kill the attacking pilot half the time as well.

Which is why I like the tiny multiple warheads; they've got really small blast radii so unless you fire one point blank or an ally is stupid/unfortunate enough to get in the way, we should have less of those incidences.

I don't really have an opinion on those ships, although I preferred the Smilodon since it has two guns to the Hrimthurs' single gun (plus the name Smilodon refers to that cool big cat). Of course, now that we're making missiles less useless I'll have to reconsider many things.

Wait, wait... isn't Deadly Missiles X5 an active perk? It's not too bad compared to if it were a passive perk that was in effect all the time. Still, you're right, it's something to bear in mind. Which is why I prefer more warheads, so I can make the base damage really small. I recall using Deadly Missiles X5 mostly to give torpedoes that extra punch when attacking stations during the endgame missions, but that's about it. Most of the time I was more afraid of friendly fire, ugh.

I need to restore the original data files because I mixed too many scripts up. Ugh. I've been playing with Goblin Wizard's Mothership mod, and while the stuff it changes doesn't overlap much with what I'm poking around, I did screw up restoring some scripts from a clean game instead of his.

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