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Scorpions have a pod size of 6? </nitpick>
And SRM-8M Dagger are never to be doubted, they are some what better than the Warhawks in battle since they don't have such an AoE. But I don't care too much about Dagger, I usually snipe anyway pewpew. SRM Snipe into crowds is pretty neat. :O THIS ISN'T A MISSILE STRATEGY THREAD!

Earlier enemies that usually have poop missiles, and will now be getting these better, more advanced, crazy missiles. Which will effect difficulty, but not so much balance if they don't become tooooo good. Simply raise the importance of good missile defense, and putting EXP into it.

And yes, deadly missiles is active. If it was passive, I wouldn't get it at all... Useful for snipes or in loose combat where you can avoid the blast radius. Very devastating... Though it often leads to F8F8F8F8F8, until you get a decent hang of it (Or stop using it haphazardly, I use it like I can 1v30 pirates ). Definitely prefer it to the 100% Launch Speed one.

Using DM-3 with LRM/SRM/MIRV makes them into superweapons. Using with a Torpedo is probably overkill/useless, not being able to spread the damage out so much (LRM+DM-3 is basically a torpedo). MIRV-3 with deadly missiles dominates everything. Mother ship deals with Capital Ships better than fighters, so it's more efficient (kills/time) to spend missiles on fighters. Hailstorm does more damage to single target (per pod) than torps anyway.

I guess I went off topic on random missile strategy.
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