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Oh yeah, Scorpions are a 6-pack, I forgot to edit that line when I copypasted stats from the other missiles. You're right about the Hailstorms too, and since they're already in a nice large 32-pack that's why I'm leaving them alone.

Missile strategy discussion is good actually, it helps us understand how other people play the game. Otherwise I might just go crazy making changes that break other strategies. I want the mod to be fun, not overpowering. Although I still think the strategy of sniping enemies from outside their radar using LRMs is cheap ...

I hardly use the active missile skills actually, far too many bad experiences with the blast radius hitting self / allies as well. I use torpedoes on stations, it takes like 20 Supernovas to actually destroy one, ugh... so the DM skills aren't overkill there. I've never used torps for capital ships, just focus all your fighters on them and they go down. Think about it: depolarize, hacker attack, (gun) burst attack... gunnery skills are just too strong. Not to mention the few times I fight capital ships my own team is all over the place, using torpedoes will pretty much guarantee someone gets caught in the blast as well.

Then since I noticed most gunships have heavy guns but no rocket slots, I figured I might as well fix rockets, at least that will bring support ships up to par a bit. Because, really, light guns are pathetic. I did think of modding the light guns, but the guys on the Elite Games forum said they're meant for support ships - and that is a valid point. Meh.

We'll only have a problem if gunships start packing multiple rocket slots. Which the Matarice does - and I'm totally exploiting it for testing, hehe - but its shield/armor/system slots aren't good so I suppose *one* ship like that is ok.

I've solved the MultiRocket thing (see "Modding SW3?" thread) so now we've got even more options to play with. We have the basic MIRVs, now we can launch multiple rockets directly, or even combo them and make multiple MIRV launches. The skies are going to be bright with the light of fireworks tonight, lol.

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