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I'm having a little trouble with MIRVs; you buy X amount, but if you attach it to your ship and then remove it, it get back Y amount. So you end up with a different number of missiles than you should have. I wonder what the heck is going on. Other than that little problem, everything else is fine. Should be up by tomorrow.

Ah, I figured out what was wrong. I previously had some missiles of the same type but they were defined differently. Apparently if you change the amount you should always get rid of old stock, re-dock with the station, and then only buy again. Works perfectly now. 3 more missile types to go!

Almost done. The problem is when large fights occur - it only takes several missile boats loaded with modified MIRVs to totally screw up the framerate. Shouldn't normally be a problem but the endgame battles are going to resemble stop motion animation.

Okay ladies and gents, it's done - refer to the first post for the download. Let me know what you think, lol.
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