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Originally Posted by SwedKnoT View Post
Will I be able to buy the collectors edition in my country (Sweden)?
This game is pretty unknown, if you compare it with for example S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and you couldn´t buy S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s collectors edition in sweden.
I tried with Amazon, but they don´t send things outside UK
Oups! Seems I made a little booboo here. Was searching the
forums for Cliffs of dover and for some reason this thread came up.
But since it seems this is an ongoing thing, I'm not entirely off topic.



A quick google seems to indicate UBI-soft has decided not to make
the collectors edition available in Sweden. Which is totally fubar.
I was ready to pay some serious money for it, but it turns out that
I am not even wanted as a customer just because I live in Sweden.

Funny thing is, I've just asked a friend in England to purchase it by
proxy. But I really wish Oleg would cut all ties with Ubi-soft as soon
as possible. I love 1C and Maddox... but I have no respect or love
for UBI-soft. They are nothing but a bunch of crooks who knows
nothing about the game-industry and who don't give a crap about
their customers.


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